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These safety cutting appliances are admissible according to DIN EN 50110-1 (VDE 0105 Part 1 § 6.2.3). They are used for cutting low-voltage cables and middle-voltage cables up to 30 kV. They are produced according to DIN 50340 (VDE0682 part 661). There is no danger for the user if he cut a cable which is under tension by a mistake.

The 10 meter long special high-pressure hose, which connects the pump with the cutting head, guarantees the highest safety by its insulating ability. A check of the cutting process is made by watching at the manometer at the pump because you can not see the cutting head at cutting a cable as a rule. Several times it is well-tried with mains voltage.

If you want to cut XLPE cables, please ask us which cutter is best for this.
The same applies to steel armored cables.
Instead of a foot pump we provide our safety cutting equipment with a handily wireless remote controlled battery-driven hydraulic pump with gauge.
Your advantages:
·  Absolute security:
   No connection between the user and the cutting system
·  An insulated 3 meter hydraulic hose protects the pump against damage during the cutting of power lines in the event of a fault
·  Pressure display in the display
·  Cut is documented and can be checked
  • Dast and easy work
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